About Us

New alloy rims are made of a stronger material than aluminum. They’re stronger, lighter, and less expensive then stainless steel or aluminum rims. They’re made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy with .78 mm thick aerospace quality polished hard coat anodized finish in a custom OEM color. The rims feature hand-polished lips which give them that OEM look and finish.

With the new Car Alloy Rims, it's not just about how hairpin turns you can make with them, but also how much better you can ride in your daily commute to work. The self-tapping wheel bolts allow you to easily repair wheels on your own and provide a lifetime of durability.

Alloy Rims are specially designed for extreme off-road applications, such as rock crawls, rock walls and steep terrain driving. They feature a split lip design for added strength and reliability, a wide rim for better ground clearance, and a cast alloy hub for total weight savings. Available in multiple finishes and sizes to fit any application.

Developed using proprietary manufacturing processes, our alloy wheels are lightweight and offer substantially higher strength-to-weight ratio than traditional steel or aluminum, while retaining the same rigidity and durability.